Ierapetra is the most Southern town of Europe. During the past years the town has duly risen from the dust and has really started to develop itself as an attractive residence and tourist town. The wealthiest inhabitants of Crete live in Ierapetra. The town is very prosperous because of the different earnings of two seasons: In summertime of tourism and in wintertime of horticulture (plastic greenhouses) and the harvest of olives (which produces the best quality of olive oil in the world).Unfortunately the plastic greenhouses West of Ierapetra eliminate the promotion of tourism. It makes the surroundings disorderly and dirty and it is very environment unfriendly. On the other hand, horticulture does take care of the main income and the prosperity of Ierapetra. By the way, in the fifties the Dutchman Kuiper introduced horticulture here with its plastic greenhouses. You can find a statue in his honour in Graligia, a small village just West of Ierapetra. The center, with its many variety of shops invites you to nose around. The many terraces are very pleasant in the high temperatures of this town. They can rise in August up to 40 º C. while in wintertime they seldom go below 15 º C. It is nice to visit one of the many taverns along the boulevard and the town beach. A lot of them offer fresh fish (this is only possible when the winds are not too strong)

“The old town is really worth a visit, here you will still see and experience Ierapetra as it used to be; tranquil in every aspect.”

Chrissi (the golden) Island 15 km from the coast of Ierapetra is its main tourist attraction. Boats sail daily (from May until October) to this beautiful island, where you can imagine being on the Bahamas. While enjoying her coastline with its variety of blue colours of seawater, maybe even some dolphins will greet you. The nightlife, which is generally frequented by the local people of Ierapetra, can mainly be found in one street, from the center to the boulevard.The weekly Saturday market is worth visiting. Here you can find a hotchpotch of articles, from fresh vegetables to clothing, in a typical disorderly and friendly atmosphere. All in one, Ierapetra is a place that cannot be overlooked. Stay here for a couple of days; it will surprise you in every aspect.