The meaning of Sitia, or ” LA SITIA”, is man and nature. When you take Greek standards in account; Sitia is a modern town with approximately 9000 inhabitants; it was founded by the Venetians and later destroyed and rebuilt by the Turks. Sitia, situated in the Northeastern part of Crete, is an ideal starting point for exploring the northeastern part of Crete. Many well-known places, like Vai (the very touristy palm beach), Kato Zakros, with her valley of the dead and her excavations on the beach, Paleokastro and Xerocampos etc. can easily be reached. The area around Ziros, Handras and Armeni is full with vineyards with different varieties of grapes. A visit to the wine cooperation in Sitia can be recommended to taste which lovely, and above all, payable wines this area produces. Harvesting of the grapes is from August until the second week of September. It is interesting to see how the big quantities of Sultana grapes are dried in the sun (mostly on the roofs of the houses) in order to obtain raisins and currants. You can see many pieces of art in Sitia; it is therefore also known as “the city of the artists”.

“Around the harbor the results of many of these creative minds can be seen.”

From 22.00 hrs onwards the terraces of the many bars and taverns are occupied by especially the local people that wish” to see and be seen” during the “showing off parade” (See Chania for more information regarding the showing off parade)You can easily run tired of Sitia by itself, but it is a very good location when you stay here for a couple of days using it as a basis for different trips in the area.