Matala once was the place of the flower power and the hippy-scene. Yeah, those were the days!The Matala as we know it now is a busy tourist place with lots of hotels, apartments, rooms, taverns and shops. Before 1970, the time that the flower-children and the hippies overrunned this small village, Matala only existed of 10 houses, one tavern, a beautiful beach and of course the ancient cave houses to which Matala owns her fame.The beach of this bay, which resembles a reaping hook, is still the same.

“The cave houses, cut by the Cretan people from the early Stone Age, with their passages, stone beds and fireplaces, have now been put under monumental care. They are really worth a visit.”

The beach of fine stones is very pleasant. Especially the early mornings and the end of the afternoons can still bring back the memories of what once was.All in all, Matala has something; a friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings will take care of some days of enjoyment, without having the feeling of being disturbed by mass tourism.Should you be in the neighborhood, do pay this village a visit and try to go back in time: put a flower behind your ear and wow, for some time you will feel like a hippy!