Kissamos or Kastelli, which one of the two do we have to use?
Originally the place was named: Kastelli di Kissamos. Since a lot of places on Crete have the same name, it was called Kissamos more and more over the years. However, when you approach this town from the road from Chania, both names are used on the signs. Handy isn’t it, this Greek logic?

“Kissamos is situated at the North coast, in the far West of Crete. It is a quiet place with 5000 inhabitants and it has a pleasant sandy beach, nice shops, taverns and a good atmosphere.”

Along the small boulevard you can find some nice taverns. During the day it is quiet on the boulevard, but as soon as the sun sets, it is loaded with especially local strollers, who after the so-called showing-off parade are looking for a spot to have their drink. (See Chania for an explanation of the showing-off parade of the Greeks)
Kissamos is excellent as a basis for an active and a relaxing holiday.
Trips to Chania, the Southern coast of the island and the excavations of Falassama and Polyrina can easily be made from here.
Also a boat trip to the pirate island Gramvoussa can be recommended.
It is pleasant to stay in Kissamos. It has something to offer for everyone, but first and foremost quietness and the feeling of being in harmony with the local Greeks.