Chora Sfakion is the port of call of the boat that (daily) takes the sturdy walkers back from the Samaria Gorge to the busses that will drive them to their accommodations.

It is also the starting point for those who want to visit the Samaria Gorge the “lazy way”.

Apart from these activities Chora Sfakion is actually a very small, quiet village consisting of 2 streets. The first street at the harbor is overloaded with taverns and the second street with shops.
By the way, the food here is of a considerable better quality, compared to many other tourist places.
Chora Sfakion is a perfect base when you enjoy walking, swimming, sunbathing and when you like visiting some sights as well.
The Imbros Gorge, with its length of 8 km, is worth exploring.
Of course one of the most well known walks to and/or through the Samaria Gorge should not be forgotten.
From Chora Sfakion the gorge can be discovered in the so-called “lazy way”. You travel by boat (a beautiful trip) to the end of the gorge and then you hike for about one hour up to the most beautiful part of the gorge. The passage here is only a few meters wide and hundreds of meters high! Then you can return to the boat and sail back to Chora Skakion. We advise you to take the early boat so that you will not start your hike in the hottest time of the day. Good walking shoes are a must!
By the way, Sfakia, the municipality to which Chora Sfakion belongs, is one of the few municipalities that take great care of the footpaths and the creation of (new) routes.
Several deserted bays are excellent for recreation depending on each individual wishes.
Although naturism is officially not allowed in Greece, it is connived in this area and therefore these surroundings are very popular by naturists.
The only official naturist hotel is also situated a little outside of the village.
In short, Chora sfakion is a place that can offer you a lot when you choose to stay here for a week or so.