Car rent

Car rental

The best way to discover Crete is to do it on your own; to explore the places and the deserted beaches and mountain villages, where a tourist is still considered and welcomed as a guest.
There are quite a large number of car rental companies on Crete; all offer different models, conditions and prices.
For you as a customer it is therefore very difficult to find the best choice in quality and/or price.

By offering you our selection of rent-a-cars, we feel that we have saved you a lot of work and trouble.
Important notices
To prevent a lot of bad surprises afterwards, a good insurance is a must.
All prices of the rent-a-cars offered by us, include a full insurance (CDW): this covers the driver as well as all the other occupants.
Renting a car with renowned companies (which we use) is very important.
Several points of support are based allover the island. In case of something happening to you, while driving your car, you will not be left to deal with it. Whenever necessary, help and a substitute car (if needed) will be on the way!

No extra costs
When you hire a car with us, you will not be confronted with extra (hidden) expenses.
Our prices include:
Unlimited mileage
Delivery and collection of the car at the airport or at your accommodation, all over the island
No extra cleaning costs
A baby or child seat (if necessary)
A map of Crete
A service telephone number, available 24 hours a day
In short, after hiring a car with us, only the petrol will be for your own account and of course any fine of parking and traffic violations will be your responsibility.


Driver must be 23 years our older to rent a car on Crete.

We hope it will be clear that you are not covered by the insurance when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Also, when you pursue on driving with a flat tire or with the overheat indicator on, any damages that have occurred as a result of this, will be on one's own account.
On Crete it is obligatory as well to wear safety belts.

In order to arrange the best prices for you, you can only rent a car for a minimum of 3 days (or more).
We took extra care in selecting the cars. With the temperatures here on the island, it is very pleasant that air-conditioning is available in most of the cars.
We feel that we can offer you the best cars (with the best prices and just the right conditions) available on Crete.

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